Saturday, August 28, 2010


Been a very busy few weeks since my last post...
I have completely relocated my studio in my home. All the gorgeous sparklies and found findings have a wonderful (and organized) lol... place to call their own.

The space looks like an Aladdin's cave of treasure. I know where everything is now down to the tiniest pair of pliers or seed pearl. yeah...

I love to create, design, and then bring the piece to completion. I am at my happiest writing or making beautiful, budget friendly Art to Wear.
My shop is, please check it out if you have time?
It is well worth your stopping by...

I am having a Celebration of Autumn Sale for the whole month of September...
See shop for more details!

Onward to the studio...

Peace and blessings,

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Inspiration of Dark Skies by Artist, Nene Thomas

Ah, probably the first of many poems I will eventually share here to give you a better feel for my creative instincts and what inspires me...

Black Wings (the poem) came about as a response to the beautiful art of Nene Thomas's Dark Skies fairy painting that I purchased at the Ren Fest in Kansas City a few years back... A few days ago, out popped the design of these unusual earrings:

I hope you will visit my shop to see these, and other creations,and enjoy the poetry as well...

Black Wings
Deb Boyle

She's soon to be free... to Be
Transformed and at peace.
Deep within
Her sultry beauty
Rising to her surface
Black Wings unfolding
Gathering courage
She speaks/writes
Soft and true
Of the deep Love
She has for you.
She dreams of
Hematite wings
Enfolding and protecting
Ancient Magick
A New Beginning
Of flying... journeying
Starlight captured
In stunning eyes
For Their Beauty to combine
Creating Forever Light
Wings of black, of hematite
Joining in flight.

and she prays...
For that unreachable star to guide...
Illuminate the path...
Carry them both...
Through the night
Into a new day...
Combined souls...
Free of pain.

She is a dreamer
A poetic soul
Her wings of black
Her dark beauty
(Slightly battle-scarred, a little damaged)
She quietly waits
And she prays
For that Perfect Embrace

For poetry
For kisses
For tears to flow
For lovemaking, and laughter... and tranquility
(Her Gift)
That comes from the soul.

Her black wings waiting...
Poised to take flight...
Her final Prayer?

For lonely and scared to leave... please?

And Love to take its place...
For she only wants to be held...
In that Perfect... Embrace.

Thank you, Nene for the inspiration...
and, as always,
Peace and blessings,


Bear with me... I was going to post my poem, "Black Wings" first but something different is clamoring for my attention... lol... happens a lot when I create... :)
Please... read on...

From Desiderata...

You are a child of the universe,
no less than the trees and the stars;
you have a right to be here.
And whether or not it is clear to you,
no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.

Therefore be at peace with God,
whatever you conceive Him to be,
and whatever your labors and aspirations,
in the noisy confusion of life keep peace with your soul.

Three Wishes I hope to see fulfilled in Life...

For the First One:

I hope for You... Forgiveness.
For happy, healthy productive relationships and friendships in your life. Brains and potential assure you of your goals, but listen to your heart and soul. When the brain is busy planning and preparing sometimes... the simple joys are forgotten.
It is up to you to decide what those simple joys will be for you... Seek out a companion that you do not have to cling to, to feel worthy. Someone that you do not have to pay for time and energy... that the person may not grant you... anyway. Seek to laugh out loud, cry when you're lonely, love someone healthily. No one is destined to be alone, remember that, and the rest will fall in place. Skip drama and live and let live, as you want others to do in your life. Most of all, Forgive. This is the first step to better health physically and emotionally. Let go... and remember that your heart and soul need... to be heard too.

For the Second One:

I hope for You... Tenacity/Honor
You now understand what unconditional love truly means. The euphoria you experience will be much greater than any substance man or nature has created. The first steps, first "I Love You", will become the source of joy that will complete you as a person.
Tenacity and strength were always yours in abundance, use these strengths to:
Live and love and be honest always
Dream to hope and eventually realize
Wish to provide... and empower.
An innocent life is at stake and show with good decisions, strength of character, and truth... that life is a beautiful and cherished event. You are indeed strong, but you inherited the protective instinct to guide... from me. Hopefully you will never experience the fears of dishonesty and the damage it causes from the one you love the most. Children learn by's just a fact... As they learn from Your embracing all that is wonderful in life... they in turn, will pass this to others. Let go, grow, and be strong and honest in all that you do forward from today.

For the Third One:

I hope for You... Character.
The world can be fraught with anxieties, sadness and unfairness, sometimes. You will see this especially if you choose the profession you are seeking. But you will also see: Joy, Kindness, Empathy. All of these characteristics you have for others already. I wish for you the strength to see past the sad and carry on in your chosen path. Growing up is very hard. It's easier to let go and hand the burden over for others to carry... but that's not fair to the people we love in life. Growing up is inevitable, we all do it, eventually... anyway. It just happens. You are stronger than you know, and I have always known this about you. Enjoy good food, healthy relationships, great conversation. Be the compassionate person you were born to be and you will do just fine. Character... grow... be stronger than fear... this is my wish for you. You may surprise even yourself. Don't worry, for most situations there is no need, and this can crush your spirit. Listen to your heart and soul. They need to voice their opinions, too. Really listen...
Hearts and souls know when to worry... You need to learn to trust that.

And finally all remember if you can:
Let go of fear....
And? want... no more.

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Creative Process...

This will be tough to describe...
for me... it's a feeling more than a thought process.
both jewelry designs and poems flow from me in, for lack of a better word... an urge.

This probably makes absolutely no sense whatsoever... but, I have always been a creative being and the two channels that translate this are creating beautiful, unique jewelry and poetry. Both allow my soul to speak to others, both are beautiful expressions of a light-filled person.

Inspiration is everywhere, my shop profile details this a bit more, but in truth, I find beauty in facial expression, color, classic rock lyrics, imagery, locations, the horizon as a thunderstorm builds. My first grandchild's laughter as I invade his tiny body with "tickle monsters"... lol. he's divine... by the way...

I am a dreamer and a writer and a person of worth and a joy-bringer... that's my nature, and what I stay true to.
I fall and let the universe catch me all the time...

More later,
Peace and blessings to you and all you hold dear,