Monday, August 9, 2010

The Creative Process...

This will be tough to describe...
for me... it's a feeling more than a thought process.
both jewelry designs and poems flow from me in, for lack of a better word... an urge.

This probably makes absolutely no sense whatsoever... but, I have always been a creative being and the two channels that translate this are creating beautiful, unique jewelry and poetry. Both allow my soul to speak to others, both are beautiful expressions of a light-filled person.

Inspiration is everywhere, my shop profile details this a bit more, but in truth, I find beauty in facial expression, color, classic rock lyrics, imagery, locations, the horizon as a thunderstorm builds. My first grandchild's laughter as I invade his tiny body with "tickle monsters"... lol. he's divine... by the way...

I am a dreamer and a writer and a person of worth and a joy-bringer... that's my nature, and what I stay true to.
I fall and let the universe catch me all the time...

More later,
Peace and blessings to you and all you hold dear,

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