Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Major News!!!


I have two very important announcements! I can't stop smiling...

Number One:

I was recently picked to be showcased in the upcoming March Issue of BeadStyle Magazine in the Earring Gallery Section. Oh, I am soo excited!!!

Here's a pic of the earrings from my shop the editors have selected:

These little cuties have already been sent off for the photo shoot for BeadStyle and I can't wait...
Huge :)!!!

Number Two:

For the dates of Oct. 1 thru Oct. 22 I will be having a 3 Week BOGO sale on my pieces.

If you purchase a piece, you will be able to buy one of equal or lesser value at half price, less shipping and handling. I will refund the difference when I mail out the pieces that you have selected.

How's that for a great sale? Christmas is just around the corner so please shop early for guaranteed delivery. All my pieces come gift boxed, so all you have to do is add a bow and/or pretty paper.

I am in 11 Treasuries, I have made wonderful new friends, I am now going to be featured in a respected national jewelry magazine.

many blessings to say thanks for...

More soon,
Love, Deb

Friday, September 17, 2010


Things are coming together more quickly now...
I've been featured in 10 Treasuries on ETSY, I have created 3 Treasuries, and I have to say they are kind of addicting... lol.

I now belong to the Kansas ETSY Team as well and that's also wonderful.
I have two amazing artisans following my blog, both are gifted and wonderful people and I hope you will check them out, too?

Back in the studio this AM to create more embellishments for an upcoming show here in Lawrence in December.
And, of course, for my shop.

My soul is a gypsy... I love meeting new people and telling of the reason for each piece and how it came about. Artisan and story teller, my favorite combination. :)
Fall is my season. It always has been.

My sale runs thru the 30th and I think for the month of November I am going to have a BOGO sale, but haven't completely decided on that yet...
I love the freedom to both create and the business aspects of running an online store are challenging and fun.

Peace and blessings,

Links: Thank you J for showing my jewelry every day... Thank you Gris for featuring me!
Check them out, their blogs are amazing.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


This is a nifty little widget...

Peace and blessings,
BeeKai Artisan Jewelry

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Love Conquers All...

We all remember our first love... traces of it are left behind in our hearts and souls and mark us as we journey forward...

Some of my earliest memories come from dusty childhood days that were filled with carefully scrutinizing rocks and pebbles for hidden treasures, and at the age of 10 I made my first seed bead bracelet to wear to school which led to other girls in my class wanting one too.

Between summers of hunting for treasures, Nancy Drew, and poems... my days were pretty full.

Even at an early age, I sensed that Mother Earth had a story to tell within each and every pebble and crystal. I carried around a little pocket guide for identifying minerals and in recent years my youngest daughter (she's 19) found this same guide at a book fair and gave me its priceless memory filled gift. It sits in my home studio in a place of honor for its sweet link to my budding geologist days, lol.

Each stone and crystal is a portion of Mother Earth's history. When storms ravage, the planet shakes, volcanoes erupt, somewhere a gemstone will be the result of that event. The earth tells this story and shares her wisdom thru these beautiful reminders. Crystals in their opalescence, chatoyancy, every hue... tells of the forces that shaped their destiny.

As I sit, quietly, I can hear their song of life force, I turn each bead, crystal, chip, type of metal, carefully and the piece is born of love and respect for the beauty that is left behind. Sometimes I recycle vintage components and weave them into the piece and found objects will land there too.

As an artisan, I am simply the canvas that showcases the beauty that is already there...
When a certain piece comes that speaks to another... the link is complete between the Earth, me, and the unique individual that purchases the piece...

And that joy is the the reason for these creations.

By putting together my unique creations with the perfect person... we link and complete a cycle. Free spirited and happy, am I.

Peace and blessings,