Friday, September 17, 2010


Things are coming together more quickly now...
I've been featured in 10 Treasuries on ETSY, I have created 3 Treasuries, and I have to say they are kind of addicting... lol.

I now belong to the Kansas ETSY Team as well and that's also wonderful.
I have two amazing artisans following my blog, both are gifted and wonderful people and I hope you will check them out, too?

Back in the studio this AM to create more embellishments for an upcoming show here in Lawrence in December.
And, of course, for my shop.

My soul is a gypsy... I love meeting new people and telling of the reason for each piece and how it came about. Artisan and story teller, my favorite combination. :)
Fall is my season. It always has been.

My sale runs thru the 30th and I think for the month of November I am going to have a BOGO sale, but haven't completely decided on that yet...
I love the freedom to both create and the business aspects of running an online store are challenging and fun.

Peace and blessings,

Links: Thank you J for showing my jewelry every day... Thank you Gris for featuring me!
Check them out, their blogs are amazing.

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  1. Hello again, I am delighted with my bracelets, there is so much beauty in the one with cobalt beads mixed with silver and wood...I am wearing it today and feels wonderful. I confess that I added some of my own charms in one end (by the clasp)it made it more mine and I assure you, it did not compromise your creation at all.

    The reason I am telling you this, is because you might want to offer to add a special personal touch to your clients when they buy a bracelet with many links and charms by having them mail a charm or their own to you, being that some of us who are "all thumbs" never realize how hard it is to make a chain or to add a jump-link until we try... I gained a new level of understanding and respect for what you do.

    I love your work to no end.
    I wish for you a creative weekend. Hugs. Griselda